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C&T Healthcare Revenue Solutions is based out of Phoenix, AZ. We take pride in being professional liaisons between our clients and insurance companies, to help your business with all aspects of the billing and insurance process. 


Our focus in this business is the financial health of every client we have as well as assisting our clients in various areas of the insurance process from billing and coding to credentialing to benefit eligibility verification and more. Our goal is to get our clients paid on every claim, timely without delay and at the highest reimbursement rates available. 


Our  business is built on the foundation of honesty and integrity. We understand that running a successful and profitable practice is not an easy task, but we strive to be the pulse to your claim reimbursements, financial health of your practice and smooth operations between your practice and the insurance companies. Therefore providing our clients with the best well rounded health care revenue services in the industry. Our success is built on the financial health success we can help our clients achieve and maintain. 

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